The Local Blight

HS2 high-speed trains will devastate the countryside and blight homes from London to Lichfield.

The current official proposed line will run through Lichfield district from Hints, where some of the most beautiful countryside will be decimated, before connecting to the existing Trent Valley line at Elmhurst.

This ‘published’ route will still cut through farmland at Weeford, Swinfen and Packington before crossing Tamworth Road and slicing off a chunk of Whittington Heath golf course, and crossing Whittington Common Road – less than a mile from the centre of Whittington.

Darnford Moors Golf Club will be bisected by the line, which will then go on a 685-metre viaduct over the A38 at Cappers Lane and Britannia Enterprise Park, where Tippers builders’ yard is earmarked for compulsory purchase. At this point the line will be over 13 metres above ground level – that means that the top of the overhead wires could be as high as 25 metres (more than 80 feet, maybe the height of an 8 story block) over the ground.

(Rumours of revised routes across the the rifle ranges and fields close to the Primary school, passing just beyond Whittington Church, decimating areas around Darnford Lane have been circulated locally could yet be announced – but were recently denied as having any validity).

The HS2 line will be 75 metres wide in places – that’s more than 2 motorways side by side!

The viaduct will then go over the A5127 Burton Road and descend into farmland adjacent to the existing west coast line. The ‘safety corridor’ will require the demolition of some long established homes on Burton Road. Other families will be sufficiently close to the route to suffer a constant and unbearable interference with their peace of mind and living conditions. The line will then cross more farmland before another viaduct 250 metres long carrying the Up Trent Valley line over the new high speed line to a junction at Elmhurst Crossing

The noise will be like a jumbo jet taking off every four minutes. It is planned that 14 trains an hour will run on the line with 18 an hour when extensions are built to Manchester, Leeds and into Scotland. These trains will be 400 metres long and will travel at speeds up to 250 mph.

The visual intrusion will be enormous, with double-decker trains cutting through tranquil farmland just yards from the Heart of England Way, before rising on a concrete viaduct over Britannia Enterprise Park and Streethay then slicing through more farmland at Curborough to another viaduct at Elmhurst.

The line is a massive threat to the Green Belt, with land protected now lost to blight forever.
Yet the trains will not even stop in Lichfield. There will be a loss of local jobs and amenities as businesses move to locations closer to stations and all of the so-called benefits, tenuous as they are, will bypass the city and county!

Services on the West Coast Mail Line (recently doubled to 4 lines and passing Whittington & Fisherwick) – will then be reduced to force passengers on to HS2.

The official ‘route’ is set to be announced before Christmas 2010, so immediate opposition and registering your support to STOP HS2 is imperative…NOW!

Consultation will then follow, however this may be leaving it too late so don’t delay… join the Campaign TODAY!


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