The Consultation Process

The HS2 Consultation Process is now underway and will run from 28th February 2011 for five months to 29th July.

The roadshow visited Lichfield on Wednesday 8th June & Thursday 9th June 2011 at The Guild Hall.

A big thank you to all those who went to the Guild Hall and came to our stalls outside and in the Market Square.  The support we received was overwhelming.  Thank You.

Now we must make it count by responding to the consultation.  This is the way to make sure your opinions are heard.








From: HS2Enquiries <> Date: 18 January 2011 14:56 Subject: RE: Consulation Process To: Sarah beswick <> from….

Dear Mrs Beswick,


Thank you for your email to HS2 Enquiries.


I can confirm that the consultation process will formally begin next month, February 2011.  It is likely to last for around 5 months, considerably longer than the Cabinet Office recommendation of 12 weeks. As part of the consultation process we will be publishing a wide range of materials containing detailed information on our proposals.


This consultation will be an opportunity for everyone with an interest to find out more about the proposals and allow those interested parties to express their views on the high speed rail proposals, and on the mitigation measures that the Government proposes to reduce any harmful impacts on individuals, communities and the environment. In the interests of a fair and productive consultation we would urge you to take time to consider this range of information before submitting a response.


The responses to this consultation will inform the Government’s consideration of its proposed strategy for high speed rail.


As plans for the consultation develop, we intend to engage stakeholders groups, including local authorities, parish councils and other local community groups to inform the public consultation and particularly, how it is communicated in areas that could be affected by the route proposals. Venues and dates for consultation events along the line of route are in the process of being finalised, but I am afraid that a definitive list is not yet available. Our aim is to ensure that these consultation events are held closest to the communities and households most likely to be affected by our work.  We will work with County and District Councils as well as Metropolitan Borough Councils to ensure that these events are effectively advertised to the people and communities most likely to be affected by our proposals.


General information about the proposed consultation will be regularly updated on the HS2 website and via HS2 newsletters.


As well as the proposed public consultation on the route, the Hybrid Bill process (which is the next step in the legislative process if the government decides to proceed with a new high speed line) would allow interested parties to petition Parliament directly and seek amendments to the Bill’s provisions.


If you have any further questions about HS2 or the work we are doing, please visit our website – – or send an email to

I have added your email address to our contact database, in this way you will receive newsletters and updates as they become available; if this is not acceptable please let me know.


I hope this is useful.


Kind regards


On behalf of HS2 Enquiries


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