Consultation Response

Our Group has now published its response to the Consultation.   You can read it here:  WLDStopHS2 consultation response


The Government consultation process on High Speed Rail is now underway.

It is really important that you give your opinion on the plans to build a new high speed railway through our district.  The Government are asking for you to answer 7 questions.  You can do this online or on paper, but your response must be with the Government by 29th July 2011.

Please see the attached file for directions and our recommendations of how to respond, including our views that you should consider when answering each question.  Be very wary in giving your response as there are some leading questions – if in doubt the best answer is usually no!

You can find directions and our suggestions on how to respond in this word file: Consultation Responses

For a wider selection of points, you might also like to consider the suggestions made by the HS2 Action Alliance, which you can find by following this link:

If you have any trouble answering the questions, or we can help in any way, please email us on

Thank you!


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