Kings Bromley

The current planned route for HS2 is within one and half miles of Kings Bromley. The route for HS3 might be straight through the village!

Are you opposed to the High Speed Train and want to know
what you can do to try to stop HS2?


Do you just want to find out more about it?

~  PLEASE CONTACT US  (see contact details below) ~

We had a successful launch for The Balloon Race from The Royal Oak in Kings Bromley on Saturday 6th August 2011 at about 8.30pm – photos attached. Hopefully we will soon have a link on You Tube of the video of the event too.

The race will run until 1st September 2011, with the cut off time of midnight, at which point the winner of the cash prize will be the person who has been in contact who has the balloon and tag that have travelled the furthest.

Our purchasers of the balloons also have a chance to win a prize – the adult who has bought the balloon that travelled the furthest wins a meal for two at the Royal Oak, Kings Bromley, and the child who has bought the balloon that travelled the furthest wins a teddy and chocolates.

Many thanks to all 150 people who have taken part!

Our next event to look out for is a walk along part of the route and BBQ @ Woodend, Sunday 4th September 2011, tickets on sale soon.

Thanks to those who have been in touch in various ways, any help no matter how little or how much is gratefully received. Let us know if you think you can be of assistance as a one off or regularly.

Guy and Diane Allsop

Joy Fielding and Barry Stoney

Jonathan Nason

Julia Allsopp and Wayne Bull


on behalf of Kings Bromley Stop HS2 Action Group


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