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WPC (Whittington Parish ‘Community’) Stop HS2 Action Group has been formed by  residents brought together by one common aim: To oppose the construction of the proposed high-speed rail line known as HS2.

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WPC Stop HS2 will try to make the people of Whittington & Fisherwick plus surrounding villages aware of what impact HS2 will have on their lives by:

• communicating the facts about HS2 clearly and accurately, through public meetings, the local press and other news media, and this website;
• liaising with other local groups and the national organisation HS2 Action Alliance;
• gathering the support of Michael Fabricant MP, local councillors, local stakeholders, environmental groups and other interested parties, but most importantly the people of Whittington & Fisherwick.

We are not against trains, not against the improvement of existing networks, not against improving the infrastructure for the future; we are not against shifting air and road traffic on to rail; we are not even against high-speed trains (so long as they use existing corridors) although we see no reason to have trains able to run at 250 MPH and therefore having to run in virtually straight lines.

We are not against progress, not Luddites and we are not stupid. We see no reason to have trains faster than those in Europe – it isn’t a competition! We do not see the relevance of comparing the UK to France, Germany or Spain – they have far greater distances to travel and maybe they need fast trains, but that is their concern, not ours.  Please correct us if we are wrong but as far as we know, the trains even in those countries do not travel at 250 MPH which is what we are being told we need!

We are against the high-speed rail known as HS2 (but which will, eventually, go through the numbers – HS2, HS3, HS4, HS5, HS6, HS7, HS8, HS9 before reaching Scotland in a blaze of irrecoverable cost [by the way, the variation that one sees in estimates of costs for this vanity scheme are partly due to various estimates for various portions]) – the arguments and cases against are many and reasoned, the arguments for are few and largely unsupported.

We are against HS2 300 mile blight path and high speed money drain.

To hear a Trains expert present and validate the case against HS2 go to: http://www.vimeo.com/16237588

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